Wearable cameras set to show strong growth

Leica cameraTractica said that wearable cameras – although in their infancy – are set to show rapid growth over the next five years, with 30.6 million units shipping by 2020.

Last year, only 5.6 million units shipped.

And they won’t be confined to sport jocks, the market research company said.

Aditya Kaul, a research director at the company, said: “While GoPro is driving the market for sports and adventure enthusiasts, we expect usage of consumer life logging cameras like those from Narrative to mature over time to capture specific moments and support video streaming. The public safety sector is also experiencing growth in the adoption of body-worn cameras for police officers provided by companies like Taser, Vievu, and Digital Ally. In addition, enterprise users are experimenting with applications like user experience research in retail and hospitality.”

Kaul thinks that wearable cameras are really an extension of smartphones, but allow people to capture spontaneous shots from different perspectives.

They will be mounted on the body, or on the head, or even by clipping the camera to your blouse or your shirt.

Kaul said their strongest growth will be where there are clear and specific reasons for using them.

So smile. Whether you like it or not, you will be on candid cameras.