Wax Woz to wow at Tussauds

Wozniak_photoMadame Tussauds’ San Francisco asked the world which tech icon should be immortalised in wax, at least until it melts and the apparently the world wanted a Wax Woz.

Competition was stiff among the ten nominees, with everyone from Elon Musk to George Lucas in the running. But hell, Steve Wozniak created Apple by inventing its computer hardware whereas the guy who invented the rounded rectangle is already there. Woz also did dancing with stars which is more than Steve Jobs ever managed.

It will take two to three months for sculptors to complete the process, starting with Wozniak holding completely still for a three-hour sitting session while 250 measurements are taken.

Woz is characteristically humbled by the whole thing.

“I am incredibly excited to be inducted into the Madame Tussauds family. I remember visiting the London Museum as a kid, and how cool it was to see Mark Knopfler’s figure in wax,” says Wozniak. “I can’t wait to see my figure next to Jobs – it’ll be just like old times.”

The only difference is that wax Jobs will be curiously silent.