VW shows off self-driving car

Hitler’s favourite car maker, VW, has been trying to put diesel-gate behind it by releasing an eco-friendly self-driving car.

The car was demoed at the Geneva auto show, and VW said it will invest billions of euros in electric cars, ride-hailing and automated driving, and launch over 30 electric models by 2025.

The self-driving concept car called Sedric – a so-called Level 5 vehicle capable of fully automated operation – is a precursor for more such models from the Volkswagen (VW) group in years to come.

Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said VW is hiring top specialists and plans to spend several billions of euros on automated driving alone.

Sedric can carry four passengers and could be used for ride-sharing fleets as well as for individual consumers, VW said.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its fully autonomous F 015 luxury concept two years ago. But Toyota has said it does not expect to see Level 5 cars in widespread use for another 10-15 years, while Ford does not plan to offer such vehicles for consumers until 2025 or later.