US software worth $1.07 trillion

US dollarSoftware trade outfit, BSA The Software Alliance said that in 2014, the software industry had a $1.07 trillion impact on US gross domestic product.

It is being driven by 2.5 million jobs directly related to the software industry and an additional 7.3 million positions for people in real estate, professional services and other fields the industry supports.

Most of the work is found in California which has 408,143 software jobs (not including supported jobs in other fields) that contributed about $90.53 billion to the GDP.

New York and Texas came in second and third, respectively, in regard to GDP, with New York’s 147,361 software jobs contributing $37.16 billion and Texas’ 200,000 jobs adding about $30 billion.

Alaska’s 1,325 software jobs contributed $248 million to the GDP. Also toward the bottom were Montana, North Dakota and Maine.

In Texas the reason the software companies are there is because of a friendly tax environment has helped attract companies to major cities like Austin, Houston and Dallas.

The numbers appear realistic, unlike the figures that the organsisation cobbled together on piracy.