US Republican spying enthusiasts furious

spyUS government spies overheard the Israeli government conspiring with tame US politicians to scupper the Iranian peace process.

Now those people, who normally are baying for more government surveillance to deter terrorism, are furious that their privacy has been violated.

Apparently it is fine for you to plot with foreign agents to change government policy by non-democratic means and they should not have been spying targets.

The news has leaked out to the Wall Street Journal and according to Glenn Greenwald  the NSA under President Obama targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top aides for surveillance.

The agency ended up eavesdropping on “the contents of some of their private conversations with US lawmakers and American-Jewish groups” about how to sabotage the Iran Deal.
The plans included coordinated talking points with Jewish-American groups against the deal and asked those lawmakers who were undecided on the deal how it could get their vote.

The long-time GOP chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and unyielding NSA defender Pete Hoekstra last night was truly indignant to learn of this surveillance.

Greenwald said that Hoekstra was the guy who in 2014 said that “Spying is a matter of fact” and he “laughed at foreign governments who are shocked they’ve been spied on because they, too, gather information.” At the time he was referring to anger from German and Brazilian leaders.

Hoekstra was an opponent of the RESTORE Act that would have granted a tiny bit more oversight over situations where you guessed it the NSA was collecting information on Americans.
However Hoekstra thought that the government only needed to spy on ordinary people and governments which did not speak American. He never knew that he and his Israeli chums would be targeted.

Now he is demanding criminal prosecution of the NSA and Obama officials for the crime of spying on him and his mates as they were colluding with a foreign power to bring down a key part of government foreign policy.

Greenwald said that it is pretty typical for those who have championed warrantless wire-tapping to flip-flop on the policy when they discover they get monitored too and not just the riff-raff.
In this case Hoekstra was picked up because the Americans bugged the Israelis and just happened to hear him trying to cut a deal.