US politicians clueless about tech

clinton-bushThe former UK colony of Virginia is set to fall behind the rest of the world technology wise because its politicians have not got a clue.

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers said that the US government, and none of the candidates for the Republican and Democrat nominations for the US presidency, have a clear digital agenda.

Speaking at BoxWorks 2015 in San Francisco, Chambers praised countries like China, France, India and the UK for recognising the potential of technology to transform an economy and moaned his country had not.

Chambers noted Chinese president Xi’s meeting with major tech firms and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley and his vision of a ‘Digital India’ as examples of what other governments are doing.

Chambers praised French president Francois Hollande’s cooperation with industry and UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to create a ‘Northern Powerhouse.’

“This is the first time that our government has not led a technology transition,” he said. “Our government has been remarkably slow. We are the last major developed country in the world without a digital agenda.

“I think every major country has this as one of their top two priorities and we don’t. We won’t get GDP increase and we won’t be as competitive with our startups.

“The real surprise to me was how governments around the world, except ours, moved.”

Speaking about the 2016 Presidential Election, Chambers said the US was the only country in the world where the candidates are not articulating a digital strategy.