US government insists Muslim airlines ban electronics

Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has decided that people flying on Muslim airlines should not be allowed to use electronic equipment.

Apparently the world is full of terrorists who play games on their notebooks before taking over the aircraft and flying into buildings.

Royal Jordanian airlines banned the use of electronics on flights servicing the US after government officials here expressed concerns.  CNN is reporting that 12 other carriers based on the Middle East and Africa may be affected as well.

Royal Jordanian told its passengers that the ban includes laptops, tablets, and video games, but does not include smartphones or medical devices.

A spokesperson for DHS had only this to say: “We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate.”

A Saudi executive also tweeted that “directives by US authorities” could affect passengers traveling from 13 countries, with the new measure set to go into effect over the next 96 hours.

In January, the Trump administration created chaos at the nation’s airports when it issued a travel ban directed at seven Muslim-majority nations. A federal court blocked the ban, leading the president to issue a second, more watered-down version of the ban. That executive order has also been blocked.

The ban does not block mobile phones so terrorists can still play games, read their instructions from their handlers and remotely set off the bomb in the luggage bay.