US considers Russian internet sanctions

Vladimir Putin - Wikimedia CommonsThe US government is likely to impose sanctions against Russian and Chinese firms and individuals for hacking into US businesses.

According to Reuters, in what it describes as an exclusive report, that could well affect a future visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping to the USA this month, and would also put Russian president Vladimir Putin’s nose further out of joint.

The Chinese government vigorously denies it is responsible for cyber attacks – it’s been accused by the USA of doing so many times over the last few years.

The USA has the power to take action against alien hackers that lay their cyber hands of US computer systems.

An official speaking to Reuters under terms of anonymity has suggested that sanctions would stop them from using the USA financial system – a blow to any business.

The fact that officials have been leaking their plans to act against China will very likely mean that president Xi Jinping will get pretty huffy when he sits down with president Obama at a black tie dinner in Washington DC.