US Army to have more killer robots than people by 2025

Robby the Robot - Wikimedia CommonsA top British cyber-spook has told the Daily Express that the US was considering plans to employ thousands of robots by 2025.

John Bassett, a British spy who worked for the agency GCHQ for nearly 20 years told coppers and counter-terrorism officials in London that by 2025 the US army will actually have more combat robots than it will have human soldiers.

Many of those combat robots will be trucks that can drive themselves, and they will get better at not falling off cliffs and it is possible that in the West combat robots outnumber human soldiers.

Robotic military equipment is already being used by the US Navy and Air Force, in the shape of drones and autonomous ships. In April robotic warfare took a major leap forward after the US Navy launched its very first self-piloting ship designed to hunt enemy submarines.

Of course drones have been a feature of US operations in the Middle East to disrupt terrorist groups. However, those aircrafts are still controlled by humans operating from bases in the US.

Bassett also said artificial intelligence and robots technology would combine to create powerful fighting machines. The cyber security expert said: “Artificial intelligence, robotics in general, those will begin to mesh together.”