UK’s Lib Dems use IP geolocation

Liberal candidate Layla Moran (right) with constituent Francis DelaneyUK political party the Liberal Democrats is to use IP geolocation to serve local website content to candidates in the up-coming general location on May the 7th.

The party is using the NetAcuity Edge system to give website content to prospective voters about their local candidate.

That means, for example, that voters in West Oxford and Abingdon will be served info about the Lib Dem candidate here, Layla Moran.

Voters are also served local campaign messages and policies. Digital Element, the manufacturer of the technology, said the Lib Dems expect to get between four and five million visits to the website before voting starts.

Bess Mayhew, digital spinner at the Liberal Democrat party, said that when people view content that’s less generic, it can affect they way they vote. “Small margins can really make a hige difference to the final result. In this election, in particular, we’re going to to see a lot more marginal seats.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party is sending unwanted email messages to people that haven’t apparently opted in to receive them. They come from Labour Party luminaries including Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband. The press office at the Labour Party was unable to clarify why non Labour Party members are receiving the spam.