Ukraine wants Volish HoloLens

14264141_1178166992244106_4781285111052641826_nUkraine is trialing a more military use of Microsoft’s Hololens.

The big idea is to use the cameras on the outside of a tank to create a 360 degree view of the battlefield so that the tank commander does not have to pop out and have a shufty.

The new HoloLens-enabled helmet has been developed by Limpid Armor and enoables tank commanders a better view of their surroundings just by turning their heads from inside the safety of the tank.

The helmet, dubbed the Circular Review System (CRS), sets a HoloLens headset directly onto the front of its frame. Video feeds gathered from the tank’s exterior cameras are stitched together and displayed through the headset as a “mixed reality” view to the wearer. he CRS can tag enemy and friendly soldiers, designate targets and feed critical information to the commander.

Limpid Armor debuted the Limpid Armor in mid-October at the Arms and Security show held in Kiev. The company has not yet tested the helmet outside the lab, however, the Ukraine military has expressed interest in the technology so, given the region’s heightened tensions surrounding Russia’s illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, expect for field tests to come quickly.