UK women stay away from hi-tech

London Eye and Houses of ParliamentA report from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) said the number of women working in the digital sector has fallen from 33 percent to 26 percent.

And that’s during a time when digital skills and vacancies for jobs are at an all time high in the UK economy.

Programmers and web developers are in particularly short supply, said UKCES.

Karen Price, who helps run a network of employers in the sector described the news as “very disappointing”.

She said: “We want to show women and girls that there are great opportunities in the digital sector, and that the rewards are great too.”

She added that a programme to get girls of between 10 and 14 acquainted with computer skills and IT is in train, through after school clubs.

Forty percent of employers, said UKCES, have lost business because they can’t fill jobs.

The sector is worth an estimated £137 billion a year.

Ed Vaizey, the UK government’s digital economy minister, said that the country had to make sure that the next generation of talent is being trained.