UK orders Google to remove news links

GoogleA failure by Google to remove news links about a convict has resulted in the UK Information Commission’s Office (ICO) ordering the search giant to take down links.

A convict asked Google to remove a link to a report of his criminal conviction, and the behemoth did so in the spirit of last year’s “right to be forgotten ruling”.

But, according to the UK Press Gazette, the individual’s criminal conviction cropped up on Google after a news report mentioned her or his name in light of original link removal.

The individual complained again about this and other news report but Google stood its ground and said the links were in the public interest.

The ICO also asked Google to remove these subsequent links but it refused to do so again.

So now the ICO has given Google 35 days to remove nine story links or it will use its enforcement powers under the Data Protection Act to put the boot in.