UK copyright law could result in book burning

1933-may-10-berlin-book-burningThe UK government’s moves to roll over and allow the country to be serviced by big multi-national corporations will mean that Brits will no longer be able to snap themselves sitting on their own furniture or using trademarked products.

David “one is an ordinary bloke” Cameron’s government has bought in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, which extends the copyright of artistic objects like designer chairs from 25 years after they were first marketed to 70 years after the creator’s death.

In most cases, that will be well over a hundred years after the object was designed, this means that taking a photo of the item will often require a licence from the copyright owner regardless of who owns the particular object.

Photographers, for example, will need to worry about whether any of the objects in a picture they are taking is covered by copyright, in which case it may be necessary to obtain a licence to include them in the photo.

Publishers of books with pictures of design objects—are also being told to like it or lump it. It could mean that such books might have to be taken “out of circulation”. This is a polite way of saying David Cameron is ordering a book burning.

To be fair to Cameron, the idea is just an extension of what is already there, and so far no one has been fined for snapping themselves in front of a classic car or sofa, but the question is why does the law need to be there in the first place?

But it is one of those silly copyright improvements which Cameron has been making lately. His other number was to make it illegal to make private copies of music you own. Given that the great unwashed will ignore that particular law too, it seems that the only people who will pat David on the back will be his mates at his private club.

All this will create a lot of red tape for those in the image industry, but it will automatically make a lot of brits law breakers and could, if the Government and Big Content got even sillier, force the destruction of a lot historical records including holiday snaps. After all if you have a snap of your partner on the beach wearing her designer label two-piece you will have to apply in writing to the company who made it.