UK cops fed up with looking at Assange

Julian AssangeJulian “It is all about me” Assange’s self-imposed imprisonment in the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid facing rape questions from Swedish coppers has taken a novel turn.

The UK, which has the job of extraditing him, has pulled the coppers from outside the embassy who had the job of making sure he could not escape.

This is the opposite of what Assange himself has said. He claims that the police have actually stepped up monitoring of his doings by hiring a room in Harrods across the road. In Assange’s universe he is so important that he has to be monitored at all times.

But the Metropolitan Police has announced it will remove the dedicated officers who have guarded the Ecuadorian Embassy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have been there for more than three years to arrest Assange should he set foot outside.

It is estimated that Assange cost the British tax paper £12 million  to pay for the policing.

So what is to stop Assange from leaving the embassy and sneaking out of the country on an Ecuadorian passport?

The Met said that Assange will be arrested if he tries to leave the embassy.

A spokesperson added: “While no tactics guarantee success in the event of Julian Assange leaving the embassy, the MPS will deploy a number of overt and covert tactics to arrest him.

“Like all public services, MPS resources are finite. With so many different criminal, and other, threats to the city it protects, the current deployment of officers is no longer believed proportionate.”

We guess they are hoping that he will sneak out and then they will not have to worry about him at all.