Twitter rumoured to be up for sale

TwitterThe departure of Twitter’s Dick Costelo at the end of this month has triggered a spate of rumours that the company might be up for grabs.

Although Twitter didn’t say why Costelo is exiting stage left, it’s believed that the failure of the company to increase its revenues has prompted anxiety on the board of directors.

And now a number of financial analysts are predicting that Twitter – which has over 300 million users worldwide – could be up for sale.

So who would want Twitter? The rumour mill says that Google could well be interested in adding the company to its portfolio. Twitters ubiquity could make it a mark.

Twitter had a less than two percent share of the US digital advertising spend last year, while Facebook had over 10 percent.

As well as speculation on a possible sale, financial analysts are also speculating like crazy who the next CEO might be.

The truth is, nobody really has an idea – and that probably includes the board of directors at Twitter, too.