Trump demands Facebook hand-over protester’s details

fishy trumpUS president Donald (Prince of Orange) has ordered his spooks to search the Facebook addresses of everyone who was arrested protesting against him on his inauguration day.

More than 230 protesters were arrested on that day and many were charged with rioting and had their phones seized by Washington, D.C., police.

One of the individuals who was arrested received an email from Facebook’s “Law Enforcement Response Team” which means that coppers were asking Facebook to reveal information about this arrestee.

It is incredibly unlikely that he is the only one and it appears that those who were charged by coppers on the day are now “persons of interest”.

Rachel Reid, a spokesperson for the DC Metropolitan Police Department, responded that “MPD does not comment on investigative tactics”. In fact, that appears to be law enforcement’s general line on the news.

According to this database, US law spooks requested information on the accounts of 38,951 users over January to June of 2016, and they received some type of data in 80 percent of cases.

Which “legal process” authorities sent to Facebook for information on the protester matters considerably in terms of how much data they can seize for investigation.