Truce called in battle of LED light bulbs

flexible LEDFierce price cutting of LED light bulbs has come to an end, at least for the time being.

According to market research company Trendforce, the average price of 40W replacement light bulbs rose by 2.8 percent in October to $11.1. The price of 60W bulbs rose 3.5 percent to $15, Trendforce said.

The reason for the lull in the price wars is because in many countries LED light bulb makers were offering specific price cutting promotions.

The price war has continued worldwide for the last three calendar quarters and considerable consolidation is expected in the industry.

In some regions the price of 40W replacement bulbs rose sharply – that;s true in the UK market which saw an increase of 9.9 percent in October. The German market, too, saw price rises that amounted to 9.4 percent.