Torvalds f**** off on holiday

torvaldsnvidia-640x424Open Sauce’s Mr Sweary Linus Torvalds might delay the release of kernel 4.1 because he is going on holiday.

Torvalds posted over the weekend that version 4.1-rc5 looks like it’s well and truly on track and would be ready for release .“if it wasn’t for the fact that the timing looks like the next merge window would hit our yearly family vacation.”

While Torvalds decides, he suggests Linux kernel devs “please keep testing”.

“So we’ll see how that turns out,” he adds. “I might end up delaying the release just to avoid that (or just delay opening the merge window). I haven’t decided yet.”

Torvalds rarely has a break, he works on Sunday and posts to the kernel mailing list. It is fair to say other Open Sauce projects tend to drop down the loo when its organisers find more interesting things to do. This is the first time under Torvald’s rule that we have heard of anything being held up because he has something mundane to do like taking a break.

Indeed we expect, nay, demand that Linus tell the rest of the world to sod off for a couple of weeks and go somewhere nice and hot. Like Roma.