Time warp takes a jump to the left on common sense

Boffins are becoming increasingly bewildered by some of the antics of time including one which means that time is getting fuzzier as clocks become more precise

A team of physicists from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences have applied quantum mechanics and general relativity to argue that increasing the precision of measurements on clocks in the same space warps time.

But while the theories are both supported by experiments, they usually do not play well together, forcing physicists to consider a new theory that will allow them both to be correct at the same time.

Now the boffins are working on a theory which suggests that the act of measuring time in greater detail needs the possibility of increasing amounts of energy into time makes any clocks less precise.

Researcher Esteban Castro said the findings suggest that itĀ needs to re-examine itsĀ ideas about the nature of time when both quantum mechanics and general relativity are considered.

It also means that the universe doesn’t have a master clock which it runs to and it can never make spaceships run on time.