There’s power in touch

Fingers crossedScientists have created a biodegradable nanogenerator fashioned out of DNA that will take energy from everyday movements and turn it into electricity.

According to the American Chemical Society a number of scientists all over the world are building prototypes of nanogenerators that take movement like walking and covert it into power.

The dream is that one day we won’t have to run for the electricity socket but our mobile devices will be powered by the things that we do, whether energetic or not.

The scientists build their nanogenerator using a flexible biocompatible polymer film using polyvinylidene fluoride. They improved the material’s energy harvesting functions by adding DNA.

DNA, apparently, has good electrical properties and is both biodegradable and biocompatible, just by tapping their were able to light up 22 to 55 LEDs, as this video shows.