The cloud gets personal

Clouds over the Old Power Station, OxfordIt’s not only businesses that are being enveloped by the cloud – it’s now seeping into peoples’ personal lives too.

According to Gartner, a market research organisation, the “personal” cloud is the aggregation of content, services and tools that people assemble to connect their digital devices.

Steven Kleynhans, a research VP at Gartner, said that the future will bring upheaval and challenges as personal and corporate digital devices merge.

Kleynhans thinks there are two important trends with more access to personal information and more intelligence applied to a human being’s experience. He cites as an example clever photo apps that use recognition algorithms to personal photos stored in cloud services, to tag locations, events and people.

He said that by 2018, a quarter of large organisations will have strategies to make the corporate computing environment similar to an individual human.

He thinks that technologies like Apple’s Siri will be the anchor for peoples’ personal clouds.

And then there’s the internet of things and wearable devices, meaning security and in particular authentication will be very important for a person’s data.