Tech billionaires want out of the matrix

matrixTwo billionaires with more money than sense are spending a fortune to get scientists to help us break out of the matrix.

The theory that we might all be living in a computer simulation has gotten so popular among Silicon Valley’s tech elites that two unnamed billionarres are stumping up the cash to help boffins prove and come up with ways of escaping it.

Elon Muskand and Peter Thiel  have been suggested as the two billionarres who are investing in the break out plan, forgetting for a moment that if they are right they could be cashless nobodies if the theory is true.

According to The New Yorker in an article about Y Combinator’s Sam Altman is the source of the theorys and is convinced that we are controlled by technology. His idea delves into the simulation theory, which is the idea that human beings are unwittingly just the characters in someone else’s computer simulation.

Musk and Thiel are likely candidates as they are mates with Altman. According to Musk, it’s the most popular topic of conversation right now.

“…it got to the point where basically every conversation was the AI slash simulation conversation and my brother and I finally agreed that we’d ban any such conversations if we’re ever in a hot tub. Because that really kills the magic,” Musk said on stage at Vox Media’s Code Conference in June.