Tablet shipments down again

tabletA report from market research company IDC said that it expects overall tablet shipments worldwide to fall by eight percent this year.

But the bright news for vendors is that so-called 2-in-1 devices will grow by 85.5 percent this year. 2-in-1 devices are essentially notebooks with detachable screens that can be used as tablets.

IDC said the expected decline of eight percent is notable because earlier data it released suggested the market would only fall by 3.8 percent. The latest figures estimate 212 million regular tablets will ship.

Barriers to 2-in-1 machines were that they were pricey, the designs weren’t very nice, and no one wanted Windows 8, which was installed on most of the machines available. But now there are more vendors in the game including vendors using Android.

It’s also anticipated that the introduction a machine by Apple later this year will increase demand.

IDC analyst Philippe Bouchard believes that IT departments are now evaluating Windows 10 and will migrate their notebook and tablet installed base towards 2-in-1s.