Symantec will save us from the internet of things

Symantec logoMost pundits believe that by the end of this decade all sorts of things will be connected to each other and some believe that this could pose a serious security risk.

Symantec believes it has the answer to these problems. It estimates that IoT deviees will number 25 billion by 2020 and has now introduced embedded critical system protection.

This, it said, protects IoT devices from zero day attacks and will protect your TVs, your cars, your lights and your washing machines from being hacked.

The company said it has set up links with vendors in the automotive, industrial control and semiconductor industries in a bid to get agreement about the risks.

Symantec signed a deal with Wincor Nixdorf to protect banks – ATMs – and the retail industry, and will work with semi companies including Texas Instruments to protect hardware things.

But while Symantec may propose, it may not have the power to dispose because the whole world+dog of vendors wants a share in the internet of things and currently there is a grievous lack of standardisation.