Symantec intros cloud security upgrade

Symantec logoSecurity company Symantec said it has introduced an upgrade to its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program aimed at ensuring cloud access is free from data loss and theft.

The product now covers cloud email and storage and has integrated its offering with Box.

DLP now supports Office 365 for enterprises using it in the cloud. Its partnership with Box means that employee accounts can be monitored to see what information is being used and how it’s shared.

DLO 14’s endpoint agent will also protect sensitive information for people using Cloud File, Sync and Share, Symantec said.

Amit Jasuja, a senior VP at Symantec said that DLP is a content aware system which helps enterprises know where and how sensitive corporate information is being stored and used.

“We are extending DLP to cloud email and storage to provide our customers the control and visibility they need to secure their sensitive information as they take full advantage of the cloud,” he said.