Supply change management software grows

SAP logoSAP took the top spot in supply chain management (SCM) and procurement applications and held a 25.8 percent market share during 2014. The whole sector was worth $9.9 billion last year.

But while Oracle stayed at the number two position, its software share fell to 14.6 percent in the year, compared to the 16 percent market share it held in 2013.

SAP, according to a Gartner survey, grew by 19.9 percent in the year.

The cloud showed a particularly strong growth curve in 2014, at 17 percent. On premises licences also grew by nine percent compared to the year before.

Gartner said the SCM market is fragmented, and the top 10 vendors only represent 55 percent of the total market, with the rest being represented by 57 other vendors. Nevertheless, taken as a whole, these 57 other vendors also showed growth in the year of 9.6 percent.

Garter believes that the fragmented nature of the marketplace means we can expect to see acquisitions and mergers during the course of this year.

Here’s Gartner’s list of the top five in the field.

SCM market share 2014