Sun stealing solar panel town fights back

Kyocera floating solar raftsThe small American town which found itself at the centre of a viral internet story is fighting back.

The Woodland local council rejected a planning application from a solar farm after residents complained. According to the world wide wibble some of the residents complained that the solar panels would steal the sun and mean it would burn out quicker.

The story confirmed what many think of Americans – particularly when one presidential candidate thinks that the pyramids were biblical grain silos and the other believes you can get Bill Gates to turn off the internet.

However, according to the local council, while some residents had the sun stealing view that was not really why the scheme was axed.

The fact was that the farm would be too close to people’s houses and on prime agricultural land. All perfectly good reasons to reject a planning proposal in any parts of the world.

Ron Lane, who has been on the Woodland Town Council for two years. In the past year, noted the town approved zoning changes to accommodate three major solar farms, one of which is nearly completed.

Woodland simply got too cramped for a fourth solar installation, he said.

If not for the handful of public comments about solar farms stealing sunshine, Woodland’s solar moratorium would be as obscure as other local fights over solar farms. Instead, Strata Solar spokesman Blair Schooff said the company which was behind the farm plan was “getting calls from all over the planet on this one”.