Stoners object to Android Marshmellow

amd-cheech-chong-smoke-jpgGoogle has confirmed that Android M will officially be named Android Marshmallow, but a group of stoners are calling for a name change.

According to misformunchines, designed like Google’s Alphabet site, the potheads have penned a calm,  open letter to Google to change the name of Marshmallow to Android Munchies.

“We assert that it would be neither humane nor fair to the millions of stoners to call the upcoming release anything but ‘Munchies’, regardless of how tempting and mushy marshmallow sounds right now,” it reads.

The site has some graphs which explain that there is a big overlap between Android users and stoners.

In fact the entire campaign appears to have been started by someone who was totally off their face and giggling at the time of writing.

Munchies does seem a good name for a phone to us, but then we have been on a diet for a couple of weeks and anything food related sounds tempting – other than