Solar panels set to become cheaper

Solar farm in Arizona - Wikimedia CommonsInstallations of photo voltaic systems rocketed in 2015 amounting to a 20 percent year on year growth.

But, warns Trendforce division EnergyTrend, next year is only likely to see an 11 percent upturn.

Installed capacity for 2015 amounted to 53GW, and will top out at 59GW in 2016.

EnergyTrend analyst Patrick Lin estimates that there will be strong growth up to next October, as there’s a rush to install PV panels in the USA. China, Japan and the US will account for as much as 61 percent next year.

Solar spread 2015

But, said Lin, manufacturers are headed for “massive” capacity expansion and he fears that may the hurt the industry.

But it is also likely to make panels cheaper.