Software defined networking takes off

Datacentre, Wikimedia CommonsA report said that data centre and enterprise local area network software defined networking (SDN) is beginning to take off.

A report from IHS Technology said that the market for SDN Ethernet switches and controllers will hit $1.4 billion in 2015, double the revenues in this sector in 2014.

Cliff Grossner, a senior analyst at IHS, said in the first half of 2015 bare metal switches represented 45 percent of global SDN capable Ethernet switches.

White box vendors are number one in bare metal switch revenue. Dell owns 100 percent of branded bare metal switches, while HP has the largest share of SDN capable branded Ethernet switch ports.

In-use virtual switch ports will make up 11 percent of ports shipped by the end of this year. SDN physical Ethernet switches will represent 15 percent of Ethernet switch market revenues in 2017 – now it’s only four percent.