Snowden will return if he can get a fair trial

snowden_2912545bUS Government whistleblower Edward Snowden said he would return to the US if the government would guarantee him a fair trial.

Speaking on Skype from Russia at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, Snowden said that he has told the US government he would return if it  would guarantee a fair trial where he could make a public interest defence of why this was done and allow a jury to decide.

He said that he had had talked about making a plea deal with the government in the past and that former colleagues at the NSA and CIA agreed with him. Others believed that the “Constitution doesn’t really matter,” he said.

Of course it is pretty debatable. The US government is hardly going to allow him a “fair trail” as he is not a Wall Street Banker and it regards him as a spy rather than a whistle-blower. While Snowden’s actions did bring to an end the US government’s electronic spying sweeps, the government felt that he put agents’ lives and risk by exposing what he did.

Snowden could face up to 30 years in prison, if he is found guilty.