Snowden squashes Trump’s conspiracy theory

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, an analyst with a U.S. defence contractor, is pictured during an interview with the Guardian in his hotel room in Hong KongEdward Snowden has squashed a Trump conspiracy theory which claimed the “dark forces that be” had stepped in to save Hillary Clinton from arrest in the latest email scandal.

Orange comedy candidate Donald Trump claimed that the FBI clearing Hillary Clinton in a last-minute email scandal was impossible because there was no way anyone could have reviewed 650,000 new emails in eight days.

However, Edward Snowden, the fugitive whistle-blower said that it is a doddle and can be done with database scanning software.

FBI Director James Comey’s said that a search through a laptop used by Clinton aide Huma Abedin turned up nothing to change “our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton”.

In other words, the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails remains closed, with no charges sought.

The news was met with relief from the Clinton campaign, and disbelief from Trump’s advisers – including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency:

Trump said: “Right now, she is being protected by a rigged system. It’s a totally rigged system,” he said. “I’ve been saying it for a long time. You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days. You can’t do it, folks.”

The FBI finished scanning the emails over the weekend. Many of the emails were personal messages or duplicates of messages that had been examined previously.

Snowden not only showed the code as to how it was done but also revealed a hack he had heard about which could game voting machines. To be honest it is pretty obvious. If the NSA is scanning billions of emails a day, then 650,000 over a weekend could probably be done on a laptop.