Snowden ain’t dead yet

snowden_2912545bA bizzare conspiracy theory started over the weekend claiming that the spooks had finally offed Edward Snowden.

It all started when Snowden posted a tweat saying: “its time” and then followed by another one which had a long hex string.  The two tweets were mysteriously deleted and conspiracy nuts thought that it was a deadman’s switch. An automatic code releasing more secret documents in the advent he was bumped off.

Snowden had not been heard of since and the posts were deleted.  However his made and co-conspirator in the whole leaking game Glenn Greenwald  tweeted the Snowden was fine.  However he didn’t provide any details either, although it is hard to prove a negative.

For some reason people have not thought “oh, he must have sat on his mobile” or tweeted by mistake.  Happens to me all the time and no one thinks I have been offed by the CIA or a desperate Apple fanboy.