Smutty VR exhibition suffers premature evacuation

maxresdefaultA Japanese VR sex festival had to shut down early after virtual porn fans caused overcrowding fears.

It seems that any thoughts that porn would not be the driving force for VR hardware were dismissed as streams of locals over filled the Adult VR Fest 01 in the Akihabara region of Tokyo.

A Japanese reporter told the world that those who did get to go inside got a bit excited.

VR porn enthusiasts rushed to have a go at some of the latest virtual reality gadgets. It was only a small exhibition, so about 20 got inside while a large crowd jostled for position outside in the queue.

Organisers called the event off saying they needed a bigger venue.

“There were so many that it was almost impossible to keep the situation under control. While waiting for my friends, I couldn’t help but think that if they couldn’t control the mass of people, a riot or something similar could happen,” one person in the crowd told the press.

It all appeared to be men, another hack noticed.

“They don’t like this world, and they know women don’t see them in a good light. They have their own needs that have yet to be fulfilled, but they don’t want to bother anyone with them,” one report noted.