Smartphones drive car entertainment systems

Old carsBetween now and 2020 over 342 million connected entertainment systems for cars will ship.

That’s according to a report from ABI Research, which said there will be a swift move to “connected” navigation along with in-car wi-fi being available.

ABI said that over 50 percent of such systems will ship in Asia Pacific by the end of that period.

It’s demand from people that’s driving the growth, said research analyst James Hodgson.

And people want systems that they’re used to and likely based on smartphone designs.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Google’s Android operating system will be the only entertainment system when you’re driving in your car. Hodgson believes that Apple CarPlay, Android Auto will complement manufacturers’ own designs.

The advantage of using peoples’ smartphones means that car manufacturers will be able to keep their prices low rather than, er, re-inventing the wheel.