Smartphone shipments soar

HTC smartphoneThe third quarter was a buoyant period for smartphones shipped worldwide, according to a report from IDC.

IDC said that 355.2 million phones shipped worldwide in the quarter, making it the second highest quarter for shipments.

But the figures were below IDC’s own predictions, beause of lower than expected iPhone shipments.

Anthony Scarsella, IDC research manager, said there’s fierce competition at the high end as vendors vie with each other to bring out fancier machines. But the bulk of the volumes came from low and mid range smartphones, he said.

Samsung is still the leader in the worldwide market, shipping 84.5 million units, up by 6.1 percent from the same period last year.

Apple, however, showed a rise in shipments of 22.2 percent compared to last year, shipping 48 million units.

Huawei took third spot, shipping 26.5 million units, up by 60.9 percent compared to the third quarter 2014. Lenovo and Xiaomi were in the fourth and fifth slots.