Smart wine bottles launched

Smart wine bottleA Norwegian company said it has created a “smart” wine bottle, which knows where it is and where it’s going at any given moment.

Thinfilm said it will show off the bottle, which uses printed electronics technology the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

The printed electronics on the tag include NFC tags and is aimed at battling the trade in counterfeit wines.

According to Thinfilm, counterfeit wine is particularly prevalent in mainland China – it believes 50 to 70 percent of all wine sold there is counterfeit.

Thinfilm is collaborating with a Western Australian wine company, Fengrove, to create a live field trial. Thinfilm said that the electronics on the wine bottle will allow it to be tracked from vineyards direct to peoples’ tables.

The NFC Opensense tags that Thinfilm has created can detect whether a product is sealed or opened and can be tracked using an NFC smartphone or device. The tags have unique identifiers making it easy to track products using software and analytics tools.