Smart machines threaten control freaks

Robby the Robot - Wikimedia CommonsPeople face losing their jobs as machines become smarter.

That’s according to a report from Gartner Inc, which said chief information officers (CIOs) should wise up to the possibilities.

Stephen Prentice, a Gartner vice president, said: “As smart machines become increasingly capable, they will become viable alternatives to human workers under certain circumstances, which will lead to significant repercussions for the business and thus for CIOs.”

He said a survey Gartner had undertaken showed that top executives were beginning to take notice and “more readily acknowledge that the threat to knowledge work is real”.

But while “smart machines” will threaten some jobs, and technology has “eliminated millions of jobs”, entirely new industries have emerged as a result of tech, leading to millions of new jobs.

Prentice believes that many people fear machines will take over and “run out of control”. But the notion that machines can be self aware, conscious or sentient is still science fiction.

Gartner thinks that 25 billion devices will be connected by 2020, using the internet of things.