Smart lighting will slash costs

Street lamps - Wikimedia CommonsInstalling smart lighting that’s connected to the internet of things (IoT) means that municipal authorities and commercial enterprises could save as much as 90 percent on energy costs.

Gartner said smart lighting will grow from 46 million units shipping this year to as many as 2.54 billion units in 2020.

Dean Freeman, author of the report at Gartner, said cutting energy costs by 90 percent is more than just installing LED (light emitting diode) units.

He said there are five elements to smart lighting and those are LEDs, sensors and controls, connectivity, analytics and intelligence.

Prices of solid state lighting have now reached the level where their use is “compelling” he said. With software on a machine, building owners will be able to analyse lighting patterns and so improve the implementation. And if the dashboard is in the cloud, then the lighting can be viewed and controlled from anywhere.

Both North America and Europe are beginning to install systems with remote management of both fixtures and bulbs and networked systems are now a reality.