Smart home sales on the rise

Smart house in Headington, Oxford; Wikimedia CommonsSales of home devices linked to the internet of things (IoT) are likely to be worth well over $40 billion by 2019.

And those devices cover a variety of uses from video surveillance systems, “smart” door locks and clever smoke detectors.  There are a number of internet of things lighting devices already available which link to the home network.

But, according to market research firm Trendforce, it’s video surveillance systems that will lead the way growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 20 percent between now and 2019.

Sensors built into mainstream home surveillance products will include capabilities such as facial recognition, event analysis and instant notification of events.

Other products will include thermostats, window and door sensors, and smoke detectors, which will also be linked to mobile devices. Trendforce thinks that as more people start to use these products, neighbourhood networks will be able to cover entire streets or blocks of flat.