Siri insists you sign up for Apple services

apple-dalek-2Fruity cargo cult Apple has a novel way of making sure that its fanboys sign up for all its expensive services – it refuses to let Siri help them unless they do.

Apple Music is starting to end its three-month free trials and the service is not considered that great. However Apple has recruited Siri to make sure they renew their contracts.

Angel investor Tom Conrad pointed out on Twitter that if you ask Siri to tell you the top songs in the US, and you aren’t an Apple Music subscriber, she will refuse to respond.

In fact she says she can’t look up the music charts as “you don’t seem to be subscribed to Apple Music”.

So rather being a search service for useful information, Siri is basically a marketing tool for Apple.

If you have Apple Music, Siri will direct you to the Apple Music app when asked about the most popular song in the US.

Something similar happens when you ask about top movie rentals in the US, Siri will attempt to plug iTunes.

Apple is getting increasingly desperate as it has not been able to see off its rival Spotify. In fact Spotify claims the service has seen even greater user growth since the launch of Apple Music.