Server memory prices set to change

IntelOversupply of DRAM for servers led to a glut of product being available in the first half of this year and so causes price drops in memory.

But, according to market research company Trendforce, although that glut was caused because of general weakness in the notebook sector, sales of servers are very healthy.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have all boosted demand in the server market, so pries of memory for this sector remained comparatively strong.

But growth in the server market is beginning to slow down, according to Trendforce, and a price gap between DDR4 and DDR3 memory is narrowing.

The analysts said that the averprice of DDR R-DIMMs fell between seven bu ine price but compared to DDR4, that’s nothing. Prices of this modules have fallen by close to 20 percent.

DDR4 will be the predominant memory product for servers by the fourth quarter of this year.

Trendforce thinks that demand will be stimulated later on this year because Intel is promoting new server processors later this year.

Many anticipated that data centres would revive the marketplace for servers but it appears that uncertainty about the global economic situation will slow down growth for the rest of this year.