Seagate shrinks the hard drive

Seagate logoAlthough solid state drives (SSDs) are now ubiquitous it seems that there’s still life in the traditional spinning hard disk drive (HDD).

Seagate said it is offering a hard drive that can hold two terabytes (TB) of capacity in an ultra slim seven millimetre package.

Seagate chief technology officer Mark Re said that its invention will give four times more capacity than a .25TB SSD at a much lower price. He said the company’s engineers have boosted density to 1TB per platter in a 2.5-inch size, aimed at the notebook market.

The drive weighs 3.16 ounces and is a quarter of the weight than the existing generation of Seagate drives.

But Seagate is also working on a hybrid NAND drive using HDD technology to cut prices on comparable solid state drives.