Scientist claims computers will never be conscious

SongA Korean quantum physicist has fuelled  the debate about artificial intelligence with a paper he claims shows that human consciousness “cannot be computed”.

Daegene Song, an associate professor at Chungbuk National University in Korea, says a paper he has written shows consciousness is not like other physical systems.

“The brain and consciousness are linked together, but the brain does not produce consciousness,” he writes. “Consciousness is something altogether different and separate. The math doesn’t lie.”

Song said he reached this conclusion by quantum computer research and claims there’s a mechanism in human consciousness that no computing device can simulate.

“Among conscious activities, the unique characteristic of self observation cannot exist in any type of machine,” he said. “Human thought has a mechanism that computers cannot compute or be programmed to do.”

He claims that no research into the brain has ever represented consciousness precisely, and no one has shown how a neuron network, like the human brain, gives rise to consciousness.