Schmidt working at the Pentagon

google-apple-maps-eric-schmidtAlphabet boss and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has got a new job working at the Pentagon.

Secretary of Defence Ashton Carton appointed Schmidt as the head of a new Defence Innovation Advisory Board, which will help the Pentagon keep up with the latest Silicon Valley ideas and apply them at the Department of Defence.

The board will look at the way that the Pentagon uses technology, and it will be tasked with offering “quick solutions.” Schmidt will not have his paws on information about military operations strategy. Instead he will oversee a group of up to 11 other board members, who also have led large private companies and public organisations.

Carter said Schmidt has a “unique perspective on the latest practices in harnessing and encouraging innovation”.

Schmidt and the White House have had a complicated relationship recently. The FTC very nearly sued Google for antitrust violations in 2013 after and Schmidt and Google have been strong opponents to the administration’s policies on data collection.  However the White House and Schmidt still appear to be on each other’s Christmas card list.