Sandisk has shipped two billion microSD cards

Sandisk extreme SSDsMemory maker Sandisk said that it first started shipping microSD cards 10 years ago and has now shipped its two billionth card.

That takes us back to time when the format was known as TransFlash and at a time when you didn’t get much memory at all on the tiny devices – in fact capacity started at 32MB.

Sandisk said that the microSD format has benefited both the digital phone and the smartphone business – with 75 percent of the latter shipping microSD slots.

Android M, Google’s next OS for phones will let you run applications on microSD cards, Sandisk said.

The latest microSD card has a capacity of up to 200GB. This year the firm introduced the Ultra microSDXC which stores up to 200GB of data.

But Sandisk, like many other memory storage companies, isn’t without challenges because more and more people are using the cloud to store data.