Samsung coughs up Apple money

SamsungSamsung has paid $548 million into Apple’s bank account as part payment of $930 million over patents and packaging.

An American court awarded $1 billion to Apple in 2012 but Samsung appealed and that amount was reduced to $930 million.

Apple took Samsung to court for using patents and for copying some marketing material.

Samsung disputes this claim and intends to appeal against the verdict and ask for the money back if it’s successful, but Apple wants to hang on to the money whatever happens.

And Apple isn’t giving up the ghost on getting extra money out of the South Korean giant, because next year it will ask a court to give it even more money.

The US Patent office has ruled, since the trial, that one of the patents Apple claimed was copied was invalid, but the Cupertino company doesn’t like that a little bit and has launched an appeal against the decision.