Safari gets terrible write up

tim-cook-apple-ceoMicrosoft Explorer has lost yet another crown to Apple, only this time it will be happy to be shot of.

Security expert and developer Noland Lawson has named and shamed Apple’s Safari as the worst browser in terms of, well everything really.

Lawson said that there is a general feeling among web developers that Safari is lagging behind the other browsers.

“When you go to a conference like EdgeConf, it really strikes you just how wide the gap is. Apple has shown no public interest in any of the important APIs,” he said.

“When Apple does implement newer APIs, they often do it halfheartedly.  For example, IndexedDB was proposed more than five years ago and has been available in IE, Firefox, and Chrome since 2012.”

Apple, on the other hand, didn’t release IndexedDB until mid-2014, and when they did, they unveiled a bafflingly incompetent implementation that was so bad, it’s been universally derided as unusable.

A year later Apple has fixed a two bugs in IndexedDB (out of several), and they’ve publicly stated that they don’t find much value in working on it, because they don’t see “a huge use”

This is probably because Apple has broken it so badly no one in their right mind would use it, Lawson muttered.

Apple never sends anyone to web conferences, their Surfin’ Safari blog is a shadow of its former self, and nobody knows what the next version of Safari will contain until that year’s WWDC.

“Apple is like Santa Claus, descending yearly to give us some much-anticipated presents, with no forewarning about which of our wishes he’ll grant this year. And frankly, the presents have been getting smaller and smaller lately,” Lawson said.