Russian law poses big data challenge

Vladimir Putin - Wikimedia CommonsA personal data bill in Russia which passes into law in two weeks poses serious challenges for internet and computer companies that store data outside the country.

The law will mean that personal data of Russian citizens have to be stored inside the country meaning big changes in the way companies store this information.

Gartner VP Casten Casper said: “All companies processing personal data of Russian citizens in databases located outside Russia need to make their systems compliant with the new requirements.”

Gartner surveyed 357 large organisations with each turning in at least $50 million across seven countries. That survey showed that 37 percent want certification to comply with the new law. Unfortunately there is no such certification available. A third of the organisations surveyed plan to use a local IT company to manage data and processing. Another 28 percent will just plonk a copy of data on a local survey in Russia.

But 19 percent will stop trading with Russia and 18 percent will ignore the legislation until the enforcers catch up with them.